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partner with Hanoi International Fellowship
to build a Christian Community Center
in the heart of Vietnam


Freedom to


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The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a diverse nation with a rich history and a rapidly developing economy. Its historical timeline is marked by periods of Chinese rule, French colonialism, and the so-called “Vietnam War,” which ended in 1975 with the country’s reunification under the Communist Party.

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100M people

1%: Protestan Christian
7%: Catholic
12-16%: Buddist
77%: Others

The country’s population is close to 100 million people, with Vietnamese as the official language. The dominant religion is a blend of ancestor veneration, Confucianism, and Buddhism. Around 12-16% of the population identify as Buddhist, 7% as Catholic, and over 1% as Protestant Christians. Cao Dai and Hoa Hao are indigenous religions followed
by a small percentage of the population.


Protestantism was introduced by missionaries from the Christian & Missionary Alliance (CMA), who, along with their converts, registered the Evangelical Church of Vietnam in 1911. Post-war, this denomination was divided between the North and South. Several other denominations have since been established, both formally and informally.


3.359 km2
Population: 8.330.830

10,000 Protestant Christians

250.000 Catholics

800.000 Buddhists

10.000 Protestant Christians


167 congregations legally registered

7 denominations formally registered

26 denominations not yet formally registered

Hanoi, the 1000-year-old capital of Vietnam, holds significant political, cultural, and economic influence in the region. Despite bombings during the “Vietnam War,” it demonstrated resilience and determination. Following Vietnam’s reunification in 1975, Hanoi became the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, opening a new era for the nation.

Home to over eight million people, Hanoi is a dynamic metropolis that merges its historic charm with rapid urban development. It’s a cultural hub that houses landmarks like the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake, and the Old Quarter, attracting worldwide visitors eager to experience its rich history and vibrant

The city’s first evangelical church was founded by CMA missionaries in 1916. Nowadays, over 200 primarily home-based congregations exist throughout the city, making up about 0.1% of the population.



Dr. Jacob Bloemberg

HIF Lead Pastor

You are invited to join Hanoi International Fellowship as we build a church and community center in the heart of Vietnam’s capital.

Established in 1995, HIF is aiming to double our capacity and multiply our impact in Hanoi and beyond. With the largest worship auditorium in Hanoi at 500 seats, HIF will serve all the denominations for citywide gatherings, special events, and weekly services.

Our ground-floor main-street facility will be easily accessible to the local community. We intend to provide services targeted to serve the surrounding to meet real felt needs.

We believe this to be the year of the Lord’s favor as HIF receives wholehearted support from national, city, and the local government. Would you join us in making this unprecedented opportunity a reality?

Starlake copy-topaz-denoise-enhance-sharpen.jpg


The HIF Center will house the largest Protestant worship

auditorium in Hanoi.

HIF has an unprecedented opportunity to build out a brand-new Christian community center in the new diplomatic quarter of Hanoi. The future national government center will be built across the street.

People from Hanoi, across Vietnam, and around the world come to HIF weekly to learn more about Jesus. This move is an amazing opportunity to make Jesus known and disciple nations in the new international center of Vietnam’s capital city.

HIF’s new center will increase our service to both the Christian and the local community.

HIF launched the Love Hanoi campaign in 2012, serving our city together with the Christian community. Our current facility functions as a Christian community center, hosting citywide gatherings and local church events of all denominations. HIF also provides coworking space for ministries that serve churches

Because we love and serve the community, the city government is helping to facilitate our move to this new development.

HIF’s future facility will multiply our impact in Hanoi, Vietnam, and around the world.

Today, HIF has outgrown our current 250-seat facility on the 17th floor of an office tower. At 500 seats, we will not only double our capacity, but can also host larger citywide gatherings. Our second floor fellowship hall, multi-purpose function rooms, and café will serve local churches and the local community.

The centralized and accessible Christian community center will help HIF to have the freedom to worship, serve, and grow. Join us in partnership to make this vision a reality!

Freedom to grow, worship & serve at the new HIF Center

HIF provides a nurturing environment for spiritual growth, offering a wide range of ministries and programs that cater to all ages and walks of life.

To turn this vision into reality, we humbly invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey. As generous donors, devoted Christian churches, organizations, and charity funders, your support is crucial in making our future facility a sanctuary of hope and growth. By donating to this project, you are investing in lives changed, souls saved, and the advancement of God’s kingdom. Now, as we stand on the precipice of a new era, Hanoi International Fellowship (HIF) presents a unique opportunity for the Christian community to experience the freedom to grow, worship, and serve. Our aim is clear—to build a Christian community that not only serves as a place of worship but also as a beacon of hope, love, and support for the local church and community.

Concept design only - Not actual location

Future Benefits of HIF’s
New Facility

Spacious Worship Auditorium

As the largest Protestant worship auditorium in Hanoi, accommodating 500 seats, we will be able to create a transformative space for authentic worship,
powerful teachings, and life-changing encounters.

Centralized Location

Situated in the new embassy quarter close to the future national government center, our facility will serve as a hub for the Christian community, conveniently accessible to believers and seekers from all corners of Hanoi.

Increased Ministry Impact

With double the space for ministries, we will expand our outreach, discipleship, and community development programs, making a tangible impact on the lives of individuals, families, and the local community.

Support for the Local Church

Our future facility aims to collaborate with local churches, providing a neutral space to strengthen their ministries, ultimately fostering unity and
synergy within the body of Christ.

Building for the Future: timeline and budget

NOW Search for new facility
AUG Lease negotiations & deposit
SEP Concept Design
OCT Technical Design
NOV Bids & Fire-Fighting Design
DEC Airconditioning construction
JAN Construction phase begins
FEB Construction phase ongoing

MAR Completion auditorium & lobby
APR Completion rooms & offices
MAY Opening & HIF 30th Anniversary


HIF is embarking on an ambitious project to build a facility that will serve as a vibrant Christian community center. We anticipate reaching a significant regular attendance milestone of 800 by year three, which will help lead HIF to financial self-sufficiency.


One strategy to make the new facility financially sustainable is through third-party usage. We will sublet various rooms to churches, organizations, charities, Christian weddings, and community activities.

A second strategy is to setup a subsidy fund for the first two years. In 2025, during the first year, a 50% rent subsidy will be needed, which will then be decreased to 25% in 2026.

To fund the project, HIF has established a goal of raising one-third of the required funds from HIF and its alumni, taking responsibility for rental costs and subsidy. The remaining two-thirds of the funds will be solicited from partners, such as individuals, churches, organizations, and corporations. These contributions will cover design, construction, equipment, furniture, permits, and fees.

For US tax-deductable and international giving visit:
Total budget goal: $1.6 million


Lease deposit
Air Conditioning
Fire fighting design & built
Project management/staff
Rent build period
Audio & Video equipment
Furnishings & equipment
Fees (lawyer, consultants)
Subsidy year 1-2





DAEWOO HOTEL, 1998-2003



HIF picts from Thomas 017 - Bao Son Hotel copy.jpg

BAO SON HOTEL, 2003-2009

120408 HIF 30, Crown Plaza copy.jpg

CROWNE PLAZA, 2011-2013


Hanoi International Fellowship (HIF) was started in the small cozy living room of a Christian expatriate’s home in Hanoi, Vietnam in August 1995. Despite only having a dozen members in attendance then, we met on a regular basis to
study the Bible, worship the Lord, and encourage each other.


DETECH TOWER, 2013-2023

hanoi club.jpg

HANOI CLUB, 2012-2021

Slowly but surely, God grew our church and provided for us to move from that small living room to different hotel ball rooms to having our own rented floor in an office building since April 2013.

HIF today consists of three congregations in two locations with over 600 people and 50+ nationalities in regular attendance. HIF has come a long way since our humble beginnings and is now a center of worship for international and local Christians.

IMG_20201108_102518216_HDR~3 copy.jpg


IMG_3375 copy.jpg

HIF is a missional international church. We are not here to serve ourselves, but to serve the expatriate and local communities. Our mission is to make Jesus known among the nations. Everyone is helping someone to love
God and others.

Making Jesus Known copy.jpg
HIF porfolio - high res-01.jpg
HIF porfolio - high res-02.jpg
IMG_6722 copy.jpg
75552832_3524773057532915_2939494403569352704_n copy.jpg
Love Hanoi

Inspired by city movements across the world, HIF launched the Love Hanoi campaign in 2012. Together with local churches, charities, organizations, and government institutions, we build community for the common good.

HIF porfolio - high res.jpg
IMG_3141 copy.jpg
IMG-20181118-WA0000-transformed copy.jpg
Center for Christian Community

HIF has become a hub for the Christian community in Hanoi and North Vietnam. People from all nationalities utilize our facilities and services to creat unity and grow spiritually. English Club, Korean Club, youth rallies, ultimate frisbee, workshops, church events, denominational gatherings — everyone can use our space.

DSCF2642 copy.jpg
_MG_2501 copy.jpg
310997456_402501128743043_2525365498104466074_n copy.jpg
HIF porfolio - high res-01.jpg

HIF played a major role in the Love Hanoi Festival with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in 2017. Our facility hosted the larger meetings and small events leading up to the festival nights. More than 30,000 people from all across North Vietnam came, with over 4,500 responding to the call to believe in Jesus.

HIF porfolio - high res-03.jpg
HIF porfolio - high res-04.jpg
HIF porfolio - high res-02.jpg


Our current location was a God-sent! Owned by a Christian entrepreneur, HIF was able to build out the entire 17th floor in 2013. Over time, this became not only HIF’s center, but also a hub for the Christian community.

We are grateful for the 10+ years of freedom

to worship and serve, and growth that we
experienced in the Detech Tower. Today, we have outgrown this facility and are ready to serve a wider community at a centralized location.

Detech Tower.jpg


Location, location, location

Our new centralized location will attract not only more Christians, but also serve the local community in the new embassy quarters.

Double capacity with larger auditorium

With our current 250 seat limitation and a low ceiling, we are looking to double our
capacity with double ceiling height.

Larger lobby space
and fellowship hall

Having more space will allow us to welcome our weekly guests from Vietnam and around the world to come to know Jesus.

More room for

KidzQuest has run out of space. Having larger multi-purpose classrooms will allow children experience the love of Jesus and expand our kids’ ministry.

Main street access & visibility

Instead of being hidden on the 17th floor, we will have visible main street access right across the new Starlake development, which will include the new
national government center, Korea town, and international corporations.

Security, safety, accessability

Currently, with hundreds attending on Sundays, our 17th floor location is not the
most secure or safe in case of emergency. Neither is it easily accessible. Ground floor access will solve these issues.

Christian community center for all

Alpha, Aftershock Youth, Spotlight English Clubs, Ethnic Fellowships, smaller local
churches, and community outreach services all will enjoy utilizing our new multi-purpose café, meeting rooms, and
fellowship hall.


HIF is thrilled to unveil our brand-new, centrally located facility, purpose-built to enhance worship experiences and create a welcoming space for everyone seeking to know Jesus in Hanoi.

Our current location, nestled within a commercial area, has served us faithfully. However, it no longer meets the demands of our thriving community. The lack of space hinders our ability to warmly welcome and connect with new guests.

We stand on the threshold of an unprecedented opportunity for Hanoi International Fellowship (HIF) to create a lasting impact in Vietnam. We are excited to share with you the vision of our future facility—incidentally the largest Protestant worship auditorium in Hanoi at 500 seats. Our new home will serve as a hub for worship, teaching, fellowship, and outreach, fostering deeper connections and relationships, building and growing our Christian and local community.

But this is not just about having a larger space; it’s about what the future facility represents. It signifies our commitment to the vision of transformation, reaching more people with the love of Christ, and building up the next generation.

This monumental project will revolutionize our ministry and discipleship efforts, allowing us to multiply our impact in Hanoi and beyond. With ground-floor street access, we are breaking down barriers and opening our doors wide to welcome both local residents and international visitors from all walks of life.


Together, let us embark on this remarkable journey, as we establish a transformative Christian community center in the new heart of Hanoi. Join us in discipling nations, providing a centralized hub of faith and fellowship, and shaping the future of Hanoi and beyond.

Screenshot 2023-12-01 110006.png


Pastor Nhuong 2.jpg

Pastor Pham Tuan Nhuong

Word of Life Church, Vietnam

“HIF is always seeking the peace and prosperity for the city and has shown love through specific actions for Hanoi. Your good deeds have brought a positive understanding of Christianity to our municipal government.

“We thank you for generously sharing your facility, particularly the sanctuary, for other Vietnamese churches to use, especially for our Word of Life Church. All that God has blessed our church with and the expansion of our work, HIF
has played a big part in it.

“HIF has a neutral position to help Vietnamese churches to be closer together and become united for the joint purpose of God’s kingdom.”

pham xuan hien.jpg

Pastor Pham Xuan Hien

Hanoi Mission Baptist Church

“On behalf of Hanoi Mission Baptist Church, I would like to express our gratefulness to HIF for letting our church use your church facility in many events during past years. I am so glad to know that your church is building a Christian
community center in Hanoi’s new embassy quarter. Praise the Lord for what He has been doing through HIF. We are blessed to be in partnership with HIF.”

Testimonies from local pastors

Testimonies from


Jean Samuel Pierre, Haiti

International Student

“When I first came to Vietnam, I remembered my mum telling me to find a church to attend. I talked to some friends and they suggested me to try out HIF. I
will never regret making that choice. They welcomed me like one of them, treated me like a brother, even helped me improve
my English, but most importantly they helped in pointing me to Christ.”

Matt Erickson.jpg

Matt Erickson, USA

Spotlight English Clubs

“The Spotlight English Clubs are growing. It has been a blessing for me to see young people coming to HIF each Wednesday
to learn English and to build relationship, to have a chance to pour into the people of Vietnam.”

Quan Huong photo.png

Huong Tacey, Vietnam

CityPartners Ministry

“CityPartners introduced me to a national hospital in Vietnam. There I used my nursing degree and American Red Cross CPR training to love Hanoi by bringing
physical and spiritual healing to people who need it the most. HIF is connecting medical professionals with opportunities
to serve. Together we are sharing God’s love and saving lives.”

Testimonies from
new believers

Mimi Liboon, Philippines

Serving helped me grow

"After my baptism, I joined the media team through training and by God’s grace I am now serving, reaching out to people online globally. Serving the Lord opened doors and opportunities for me to witness His presence in the lives of people I serve with. Serving has allowed me to discover and develop my spiritual gifts. Before I struggled with learning something new and only staying in my comfort zone. But
by serving in the media team, God opened my eyes to work with others as one body in Christ.”

Tien Farris, Vietnam

Tiktok saved my friends

“I was baptized in May 2020. During Covid, however, I quit my job and was out of work. Being bored, I created a Tiktok channel and started to share the gospel
to bless the Vietnamese people with the good news. The first person I connected with through the channel became
a Christian after two months! Afterwards, more and more Vietnamese people started following my channel to hear the
gospel. After Covid, ten of my online friends were baptized at HIF.”

Daniella Buckerfield, S. Africa

Jesus transformed me

"I didn’t want to sound like a fool: did this God even really exist? I asked Him to guide me. Everything that happened was a blur, but minutes later I had wholeheartedly and completely surrendered all that I was, all that I am, and all that I will be to the
Lord Jesus Christ! Shaking and in tears, I loudly accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Almost instantly, His love reigned in my heart. He absolutely turned my
dominance, anger, bitterness, and irritations into patience, peace, love, and compassion.”


Brian Stiller.png

Dr. Brian C Stiller

Global Ambassador

World Evangelical Alliance Author, From Jerusalem to Timbuktu

Your investment in creating public space for witness and worship is both historic and remarkable. Situating HIF in the center of Hanoi will increase its capacity and visibility, with facilities to serve their nation and city in multiple ways. I join this initiative with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Richard Blackaby.png

Dr. Richard Blackaby


Blackaby Ministries International

Author, Experiencing God

I’m so excited to see how God is working through Jacob Bloemberg and his church in Hanoi, Vietnam. Only God could open such doors and show favor to their church in this way. This is an amazing, heavenly story that is unfolding right before our eyes!

Dave Roever.png

Dr. Dave Roever


REAP International

Author, Forged in Fire

It is my joy to know and work with Pastor Jacob Bloemberg and Hanoi International Fellowship. His vision is unstoppable and his
mutual trust to work with the government of Vietnam in building the largest Protestant
church sanctuary in the capital  city is beyond amazing.

Darren Herbold.png

Rev. Darren Herbold

The Alliance Canada

HIF has become a hub for the Christian community in Hanoi and North Vietnam with people from all nationalities utilizing their facilities. Now HIF is building a high-capacity community center in the new embassy quarter. This is your opportunity to join a thriving Christian community in
making Jesus famous. Don’t miss it!

Eric Swanson.png

Dr. Eric Swanson

Senior Fellow

Leadership Network

Co-author, To Transform a City

I am delighted to stand behind and endorse Jacob Bloemberg and Hanoi International Fellowship and the amazing, love-motivated work they are doing in Vietnam.
Having personally worked with scores of transformational city leaders from around the world, I can honestly say that HIF is in
a unique position to spread their love and transformational model around our world.

Reid Saunders copy.jpg

Dr. Reid Saunders

Reid Saunders Association

Pastor Jacob’s faithfulness, creativity, and leadership have been so evident to me at Hanoi International Fellowship and beyond. It’s been an honor serving alongside him for Christmas festivals in the heart of the city.
I praise the Lord for more ministry impact through this new facility!

David Fresch.png

Rev. David Fresch

Executive Director
Missional International Church Network

HIF has been a pillar church of MICN for twenty years, and I have personally seen the impact this church has in Hanoi, not just within the international community but among local Vietnamese as well. I believe there is no better way to make a
Kingdom impact in Vietnam right now than by supporting HIF.

Chris Ball copy.jpg

Rev. Chris Ball

Elim Fellowship, NY

I’m confident that the Christian community center in Hanoi’s new embassy quarter will be built on biblical vision, leadership excellence, and relational commitment. I encourage you to carefully consider partnering with this Hanoi International Fellowship project.


Dr. Rev. Jacob Bloemberg, Lead Pastor

Pastor Jacob moved with his family to Hanoi, Vietnam in 1997. He became Lead Pastor of Hanoi International Fellowship in 2005.

In 2012, HIF launched the Love Hanoi campaign, which became a citywide movement. This has inspired Christian leaders across the world to start and support their Love [Your City] campaign. Based on this experience and his doctoral research, Jacob published his book, Love [Your City]: 5 Steps to Citywide Movements. He also founded Love Your City Vietnam, a social enterprise to help
start and support city movements.

Jacob holds a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership: City Transformation from Bakke Graduate University, and an MA in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. He is ordained with Elim Fellowship, NY, USA.

Originally from the Netherlands, Jacob met and married Linda Koch (from the USA) while working with Youth With A Mission in Amsterdam. Linda is the Middle School Counselor at Concordia International School Hanoi. Their three children were raised in Hanoi and currently live on the east coast of the USA.

HIF elders team

Kester Scandrett.jpg

Kester Scandrett, Australia


Chief Representative for DSI, LLC

Jimmy Lee.jpg

Jimmy Lee, USA


Executive Director of an IT company

JV Sundersingh.jpg

JV Sundersingh, India


Independent Banking Expert

Former VP with a Vietnamese bank

Michael Walls.jpg

Michael Walls, Australia


Project Manager for Lifeskills,

Capacity Vietnam

Peter de Fretes.jpg

Peter de Fretes, Netherlands

HIF Ecopark

HIF Youth & Alpha Director

Jody Goodwin.png

Jody Goodwin, Canada

HIF Ecopark

Rehab & Recovery Specialist


Together, let us seize this moment to write a new chapter in the Christian scene of Hanoi. Your donation to this project will not only shape the future of HIF but will also leave an indelible mark on the lives of countless individuals seeking freedom to grow, worship & serve.


You can give to HIF through Missional International Church Network (MICN) using PayPal or bank transfer. US & Canadian citizens will receive tax-deductible receipts.

You can give through MICN’s PayPal account.

Add a note stating:“Future Facility"


Via Wire Transfer:

Missional Int’l Church Network – USA Account #: 6746490959

Routing#: 121000248 ​

Via Check: Payable to MICN

17311 Milrig Court

Richmond, TX 77407 ​

Via Direct Deposit by ACH:

Missional Int’l Church Network – USA Wells Fargo Bank

Account #: 6746490959

Routing#: 031000503


Missional Int’l Church Network – USA Wells Fargo Bank

420 Montgomery Street

San Francisco,

CA 94104 1-800-225-5935

Swift Code WFBIUS6S

Account # 6746490959

Add a note stating:“Future Facility"



For Pre-Authorized Debit please download the form here, complete it and send it to

Payable to MICN
c/o Yolanda Bosma
77 Willow Green Way,
Cochrane, Alberta
Canada T4C 2N3



Bank Name: Techcombank Account Name: Marian Tabjan Jacob Jason VND Account Number: 19134757397010

Branch: Tran Thai Tong, Cau Giay, Hanoi


Add a note stating:“Future Facility"


You can give to HIF’s local bank account using PayPal at

Add a note stating:“Future Facility"

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